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Books available from us:

Harmonics in Astrology  by John M Addey

ISBN 978-1904258025  Price: 12.95 (Paperback)

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A New Study of Astrology  by John M Addey

ISBN 1 871989 06X  Price: 14.00 (Hardback)

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For a short biography and three articles from John Addey, click here.


From the Deep Well by Etain Addey

ISBN 9781-904258056 Price 12 (Paperback)

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A Silent Joy by Etain Addey

ISBN 9781-904258032 Price 12 (Paperback)

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Death at Monte Urbino by Martino Lanz

Price with postage

ISBN 9781904258049 Price 8 (Papaerback)

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The Ordinary Fisherman by William Nathan

ISBN 978-1904258018  Price 8 (Paperback)

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Order our books from your local bookseller or directly from us (post free in the UK). For customers in Europe, we charge 2 per book postage and for customers outside Europe, 5 per book. (For Death at Monte Urbino, and for The Ordinary Fisherman, we charge 1 per book to Europe, and 2 per book outside Europe).

The easiest way to buy is to use the "add to cart" buttons and then checkout using any standard credit or debit card - the payment is taken via the Paypal system which is secure and which does not share your contact details with any third party. You do not need a Paypal account to use this method. Please ensure that you have the right postage selected from the drop-down menu when clicking on the add to cart button.

If you prefer you can order via ordinary post, enclosing a sterling cheque to Eyebright Books, 7 Pine Crest Way, Bream, Lydney, Glos, GL15 6HG, UK.

You can phone us on 01594 (044 1594 outside the UK) 726296 for further details
or email 
averil@eyebright.org.uk .

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