New Study of Astrology

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A New Study of Astrology

An Introductory Textbook to the New Understanding of an Old Science


By John M Addey

This book offers a rare, highly stimulating and provocative feast of previously new studyunpublished observations and insights by one of the most outstanding philosophers, theoreticians and experimentalists in astrology. John Addey was in the midst of preparing this volume to expound his final thoughts on the nature of astrology when he died in 1982. The various completed sections and chapters which he left have been pieced together with other previous unpublished work to provide as complete a text as is possible in line with the author's original plan and stated intentions. These new, and for the msot part previously unpublished writings are complemented by the full text of his two seminal monographs, Astrology Reborn and The Discrimination of Birthtypes, which have for long been unobtainable, and so provides the astrological student and researcher with a powerful companion volume to Addey's earlier classic work Harmonics in Astrology.

A New Study of Astrology, like Harmonics in Astrology, provides essential reading and study for everyone interested in developing a coherent and philosophically sound approach to astrological research, and for those who seek to clarify and enlarge our understanding of astrology's fundamental principles. This major work will equally inspire the imagination of those who seek to uncover a larger vision of the cosmos and its underlying order and harmony.i


ISBN 1-871898-06X      272 pages      Price: 14.00 (Hardback)


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