Life of the White Mare

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The Life of the White Mare


Sobriety and enchantment


Etain Addey


"It was only when I went to live in the hills twhite Mre - front coverhat I had enough silence during the long hours of digging, chopping wood and barrowing manure to realize that our homeplace speaks to us. At first, a new place is unsure of your intentions, it wants to know who you are. At the first sign of trouble, will you run back to your easy life? But if you hang on and weather the storms, the place mellows and offers you the most extraordinary epiphanies in its own language, the language of the world's bodies – white mare, pilgrim, ewe, crow, bee, apple, green spider, oak, broom, juniper.


If we listen carefully, whether in the wilderness or a city, we can take part in an ancient conversation that modernity has forgotten."

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ISBN 9781-904258-063

320 pages


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