Death at Monte Urbino

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Death at Monte Urbino

Martino Lanz

The book starts with the discovery of an unknown body in the woods of Monte Urbino in central Italy. The close-knit community in the surroundingMurder-fc countryside is shocked to find out that the body belongs to a member of a local family. He has been murdered. The story relates the complicated network of relations in this community, the undisclosed love affairs, people's quarrels and fears and the beauty and hardship of their farming work. The boss-eyed Police Inspector Ermanno Volpe who investigates the case finds a myriad of motives and suspects in the small world of Ponte de Legno, but can't find any evidence to lead him to the murderer. But then sudden events, and the inspector's talent for reading body language, reveal hidden passions and secrets of which he was not aware …

Readers' comments:

"Gripping, right from the beginning and wonderful recipes! Thanks for writing a novel set in beautiful, rural Italy.

"Thrilled to learn about the ancient skills of self-sufficient farming in Umbria in an 'unputdownable' detective story."

ISBN  978-1904258-049    256 pages 8

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